Graphic Design in Visual Communication

Graphic design is basically the art of problem-solving and visual communication through the use of illustrations, typography and photography. It uses typography, page layout and photographic images to make visual compositions. The use of photographs and illustrations in graphic design helps make the message more prominent and appealing.

Graphic designers work closely with typographers and illustrators to make the message of the product or service clearly visible on the products. There are many types of illustrators and typographers who help in this field of graphic design. A wide variety of illustrations and photographs are used by the graphic designers to produce better visual communication.

Color Matching

For instance, an important aspect of designing is color matching because, if the colors used do not match with the message of the product or service, it will be very difficult for the customer to understand the message and will also make the message unappealing. Using different colors and images is very important in producing the desired result in the visual communication.


Photography is used in a variety of methods in visual communication. Pictures are taken by the photographer and they are then converted into photographs for visual communication. Photographs are then used to depict objects and their action in the photographs. This technique of visual communication is very useful in visual communication.


The role of typographers plays an important role in the visual communications, they help bring out the message in the graphical form. The typographer usually creates the text or the font in the form of images or illustrations. The typographer uses the best graphic images and illustrations to portray the message in the most appealing manner. The use of pictures and illustrations are helpful in making the message more clear and appealing.

Typography is also an important aspect in visual communication. Typography can be defined as the arrangement of words to make the message easily read. This is a process which involves the placement of words and the font in the text. In order to create the text, typographers must take the help of good images. Visual communication is very important in all the activities.

Importance of Using Graphics

The importance of the graphic design is very high in any part of the world. The use of images in visual communication is very helpful in increasing the visibility of the message in the text. These images can be used in any other type of visual communication like films, TV and Internet.

The use of photos and illustrations in graphic design can help in creating the image of an object. It helps create the overall impression. The usage of visual communication is very important in every kind of business.