Graphics Creator Review

Here follows my graphics creator review.

When I first started out I soon realized that being able to make your own graphics is an absolute necessity.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an internet marketer, graphic designer, web developer or run an e-commerce site, you will always need graphics of some kind.

While searching for some graphic making software I came across the graphics creator by Laughingbird.

Using this software is super easy and extremely fun to do. Want to try try it out for yourself? Then grab a FREE COPY of this really cool software.

The all new graphics creator 8 has over 40 free templates included and there are 22 add-on packs available to choose from.

And to top it all anything you create you are also free to sell, which you must admit, is an added bonus!


Add-on Packs


Cinemagraphs are a unique blend between a photograph and a video and easily capture our attention. The photograph remains still but a subtle motion plays in a never-ending loop. For more detailed information READ HERE

Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are an engaging way to communicate with the viewer. They are basically an animated design using text and music and are great for explainer videos.  For more info READ HERE


Logos & Business Cards

With this add-on pack you can create personalized logos for website headers, branded marketing, email headers, social media posts, and business cards. Want to learn more then take a LOOK HERE

Scenery Creator

The scenery creator makes it extremely easy to design stunning graphics by simply dragging and dropping the layers into place. An amazing graphic can be designed, for instance, by adding a motion background.  For more info READ HERE

Text Effects

Super easy to use text effects for all your graphics, simple drag and drop the text effect you like, change the text and that’s all there is to it. For further information CLICK HERE

Blog Graphics

Every blog needs graphics and nothing could be easier to create stunning blog graphics than with this add-on pack.  As with all the other packs this is very easy to use and you will have amazing looking posts in no time.  For more info CLICK HERE

Character Creator

With the character creator you can have fun creating your own mascot. You can choose between a large choice of body-parts. Use your mascot wherever you want, such as videos, web pages, social media and anywhere else you can think of! For further info READ HERE

YouTube Templates

If you want your videos to get lots of views then you will need to use attention grabbing graphics.  Create colorful thumbnails and banners for your channel and you’ll see the views and clicks skyrocket! For more info READ HERE

Design Elements

Use the easy drag and drop versatile design elements in all your graphics and ads. Choose from banners, badges, buttons, shadows, price stickers, frames, corners, e-commerce and social media elements, fire/water elements, paint splotches, and more! Take a look HERE

The Greatest Show

If you’re looking for some unique templates to stand out in the crowd then these designs are what you need.  With spotlights, lighted banners and marquees you will be stealing the show! For more info on this unique pack CLICK HERE

e-Covers & Mockups

This super easy to use e-cover creator makes your product or book instantly look professional and will grab the attention of your customers instantly.  It’s drag and drop simple to use and has over 75 templates you can modify.  Take a look HERE


Character Mascots

Use these professionally hand-drawn mascots, cartoons and characters to make your graphics unique.  If you want to stand out from the crowd then use this Laughingbird premier content add-on pack.  Further information can be found HERE

Comic Elements

Want to add some fun to your graphics, then this comic elements pack is for you.  Use them to spice up your your social media marketing, advertising, blogging, and website. As with all the other add-on packs, this one is drag and drop super easy to use.  Take a look HERE

The Ad Creator

Why spend money on getting an advertisement designed for you when, instead, you can use this ad creator add-on pack to design your own ads. Create ads for paid advertising, Google Adsense, your website, and any social media you like.  For more info CLICK HERE

Social Media Templates

This add-on pack provides the all-in-one solution to creating all kinds of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media graphics. Extremely easy to use, just drag and drop the elements and make a few adjustments and that’s it!  Take a look HERE

PSD Infographics

These PSD infographics are for use with photoshop or, any programme compatible with PSD files.  These are not suitable for use with the Laughingbird software but, if you have Photoshop, these infographics are perfect for providing information about your product or service.  READ MORE HERE

Powerpoint & Keynote Presentation Templates

These animated templates are for use in Powerpoint and Keynote presentations and can not be used with the laughingbird software.  Easy to create unique slides will impress your customers for sure.  Read more info HERE