Difference between PLR, MRR, RR & GR


Resell Rights – RR

These give you the right to sell the product on to your customers as is without any modification.  Your customers do not have the right to sell the item on.

Master Resell Rights – MRR

With master resell rights you can not only sell the product or service yourself but you may also allow your customers the right to sell the product as well.

There is an advantage that this type of resell rights has over normal resell rights.  You can charge a higher price for the product as you are allowing your customer the right to sell the product on to their customers.

As with all resell rights, a product with master resell rights will have included  a licence which is important as it sets out what you can and cannot do with the product.

Here is an example of a master resell rights licence:

The licences enclosed with the product are usually fairly clear but if you do not understand the terms or need clarification then it is best to contact the seller so as to avoid any misunderstanding.

For good quality master resale rights products to sell on IDplr and Plrassassin.

Private Label Rights – PLR

Private label right are one of the better deals out there.  With PLR you not only have the right to resell the product, but you can also modify and edit the content or the product and claim it as your own thereby becoming the author and having the copyright.

The source files of the product i.e. the ebook, video, article etc., are given to you which you can then edit in any way you want.

You can of course rewrite the content yourself or, you can hire a ghostwriter to do this for you. However, an easy way to do the work yourself is to use a content spinner.  There are quite a few content spinners out there but by far the best two are WordAi and Spinrewriter.

The above two content spinners do have a price tag attached but they have the advantage of emulating the most realistic human like content.

There are also some free spinners out there such as Free Article Spinner and Spinbot.

One advantage of doing the rewriting the content yourself is knowing exactly what your putting out there and not having to hire anybody which, when starting out kind of makes sense!

Once again always make sure to check if any restrictions are applicable.

Giveaway Rights – GR

As the name suggests these are items which can be given away for free (always check licence) and will mostly consist of an eBook.

Giveaway rights items cannot be sold or changed in any way.