Rewriting Articles


So you have taken the plunge and got yourself some private label rights product and are now looking to rewrite the content to make it your own.

As we all know Google loves content but, here’s the thing, not just any old content! If you want to rank high on google then original good quality content is what you need and writing original posts is always the better option.

There are two ways to go about this, one is to hire a team of writers which can be very expensive and most of us don’t have an unlimited amount of cash to spend when starting out.

The second way, is to rewrite the article yourself, but this can be very time consuming. Here is where a content spinner comes into play.

Content spinners take the original article and completely alter it by using synonyms, for instance take the word “hello”, this can be spun to read “hey” or “hi”.

The problem with some spinners is that they cannot differentiate between the meaning of words, for example if you take the sentence “Tom is relaxed and reading his book while the kids book their holiday”.  Here the word book could be spun to read novel which would give the sentence “Tom is relaxed reading his novel while the kids novel their holiday”.

This doesn’t make any sense at all, so you need a content spinner which recognises the different meaning of the word.

Now when it comes to content spinners there are quite a few options out there but, by far the best two I have found are:



WordAi uses artificial intelligence to understand text and automatically rewrites your article with the same readability as a human.

You can try out WordAI for free right now

Take a look at the video below:



Once again, this content spinner can generate hundreds of human-quality articles in a matter of seconds.  For a free trial click here

Take a look at the video explanation here:

The above two content spinners do have a price tag attached but they have the advantage of emulating the most realistic human like content and, if you can afford it, are well worth the investment.

Of course there are also some free spinners out there such as Free Article Spinner and Spinbot.

The advantage of  rewriting articles yourself is that you know exactly what your putting out there and not having to spend a fortune on hiring writers which, when starting out, kind of makes sense!