Setting Up Hosting

Setting up Hosting

To enable you to get your website up and running on the internet you need web hosting therefore, in this article, I will show you how to purchase and set this up.

There are numerous web hosting companies to chose from, but in this instance, we are going to go with  You should see the following page

Click on web hosting and you will be forwarded to the following page

You will have a choice between three plans, firstly the hatchling plan, secondly the baby plan and last the business plan.

However, the hatchling plan is for a single website only so I suggest going for the baby plan as this allows you unlimited websites and is the most used when starting out.

Click on the buy now button and you’ll be taken to the following page

Firstly, you will enter the domain name which you have previously purchased making sure you switch to I already own this domain.

Next, you will select a package type so leave this as baby.

The following thing to choose is the billing cycle, here there is a drop down menu where you have a choice of paying for 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months at a time.

Then you will need a username and a security pin which is used to verify you’re the owner of the account in case you need to contact support, make sure therefore to keep this in a safe place.

The next part is to fill in is your billing information.

After that there is a section entitled add additional services, this is a matter of choice and if you do not want any of these services then make sure you uncheck the boxes.

The final part of the page gives you a review of your order, when you have looked this over and agree you can hit the checkout now button.

You have now created your hosting account.

Name Servers

Next we will be logging into your hosting cPanel (control panel) and changing the name servers.

Now you have successfully set up your hosting account, it’s time to point  the nameservers to your web hosting via GoDaddy.

If you used HostGator to set up your web hosting then go to www. (yourdomainname)/cpanel, enter your username and password and login to your account.

In your cPanel,  look on the left-hand side to where it says name servers. Copy the two lines so you have them at hand when you go to GoDaddy.

Login to your GoDaddy account and go to domains

Next to your domain name click on the small arrow and then select Set Nameservers. You will then be taken to another page where you can change them.

Click on change and fill in the two nameservers which you previously copied from your hosting account then click save.  It can take a couple of hours for the change to take effect.


After that, we go back to your hosting account cPanel and under domains we click on Addon Domains

On the next page you will fill in your new domain name, the FTP and Document Root will be filled in automatically. Choose a good password and keep in a safe place.

Click on Add Domain and that’s it,  your domain has been added.

Now that you have successfully pointed your nameservers to your web hosting we can move on and install WordPress.


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I hope my website helps someone out there!


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