Which Video Marketing Platform to Use?

The video marketing landscape has heated up in recent months as more companies begin to understand just how effective video can be for converting and engaging customers online, so, you might be asking yourself, which video marketing platforms should I use.

Currently, YouTube and Vimeo are both the two most popular video sharing sites for delivering and hosting video, but what happens after that when we enter the next frontier in online content promotion?

To answer this question we first need to go over the basics of both Vimeo and YouTube before we dive into how each works. Both YouTube and Vimeo allow users to post their own videos and make a profit from them. But the way they do that is different.

YouTube or Vimeo

For example, YouTube has an option to create a channel to broadcast your videos and you can even upload additional content to it at any time.

On the other hand, Vimeo doesn’t have any of these options. They are more of a “curation-based” website. You upload your video as soon as you make it, and the video is then assigned a certain number of views based on its title, tags, and keywords.

Once you get the targeted number of views you’ll earn money from your video. For example, if your video has a high view count you’ll get paid money by Vimeo.

This means that if you want to get started with Vimeo you’ll need to be as targeted as possible with your video. This means spending the time and energy promoting your video in various ways that you think will help to bring traffic to it.

Promoting Your Video

You can do this by submitting your video to various video search engines, article directories, social networking sites, and forums. You can also offer to host your video on your own website if you’re willing to pay a fee for doing so.

In contrast, with YouTube you don’t get to see your video until someone else publishes it. This means that there’s no guarantee of people ever seeing your video. If your video isn’t picked up by one of their advertisers you won’t get any monetary reward from them.

You may end up getting some traffic through comments and sharing, but it won’t be targeted to your specific niche. or targeted to your target audience. YouTube is also not a “curation-based” website and does not offer an option for publishing your videos, but rather an option to host them.

So, in order to effectively use both Vimeo and YouTube for content marketing and online marketing purposes, you need to make sure you know which ones are best for you. You should also be very targeted with your keywords and spend as much time researching as possible on the specific niches you want to target.

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